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Hello. I’m Jack

Hello to whoever finds this website.

My name is Jack. Jack Reynolds. And I’m an author.

I am in the process of writing/editing my first novel in the Shay Lark series (website).

This website, however, is for all things Jack. Again, that’s me.

I write more than just novels. I’ve done a lot of writing in terms of Dungeons and Dragons style stories. I’ve also crafted short fiction stories along the lines of fantasy/sci-fi. I may post some. I may not. I’ll have to see if any are good enough to be read.

But for now, this is where I am. Again, I’m Jack. Jack Reynolds.

July Update!

So, it\’s been a few minutes (or hours or days…) since I last updated everyone on the progress of the book. Well, it\’s coming along fantastically! New characters. New twists and turns. And everything else you\’d expect from an adventurer in Mexico.

Along the way, our fearless heroine Shay comes across many locations throughout Mexico. Those places actually exist as the story is set in the real world. So you can go and visit them, read about them, and even be immersed in the culture. The world is your oyster!

If you\’re interested, the book page is updated to provide links to those locations. You can find it here.

As always, I\’m chugging along with everything and will hopefully be providing you, my anxious readers, an update that gives more details. In the meantime, if you haven\’t, join the Facebook page and you\’ll stay up to date on items surrounding the book. There are almost 1000 followers, so if you haven\’t joined, hop in line!


Wow! So long ago…

It\’s been quite a while since my last blog entry, but so many things are happening!

I\’m in the middle of extensive rewrites, some of which are changing the direction of a few characters and adding some new ones. They\’re welcomed additions that make the story even better than the original idea. But with that comes the time to fully develop them and integrate their stories into the overarching story of Shay Lark. However, the wait is going to be well worth it!

Our social media presence is growing rapidly as well! The Shay Lark Series Facebook page is racking up the likes and the word is getting out in anticipation of the pending release (in a few months most likely). It takes quite a while to make all the changes and edits, but again, I am enjoying the story even more with these additions!

So, keep checking back and I\’ll put some Easter Eggs around in the blog post that will lead to something cool! I won\’t give it away yet, but it\’ll be a great way to get the Shay Lark series out amongst even more readers.

Again, thanks y\’all for your patience! Good things lie ahead.


Major Update!

So, a big change has occurred with my novel. No longer is it Shay Lark and the Silver Skull, but it has been changed to Shay Lark and the Pyramid of Cholula!

This change was made as Silver Skull was just a bit too close to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Silver Skull. Crystal Skull. Yea, just a wee bit too much. But the new name now reflects a major segment and setting for our novel.

And to update y\’all, the developmental edits are coming along very well! It is evolving the story into a real vision of what I want to present to the world. It is bringing Shay into a greater light, really honing in on her character and showing the world that girls can run the world! (Right Beyonce?)

Continue to stay with me via this blog or sign up and subscribe to the Shay Lark newsletter (here!)

Until next time, ciao!

Next, Please!

And just like that, the first half of my book has had a development edit. There are some awesome things that are going to be changing, but they will add so much more to the book. Which got me thinking…

I\’ve never written this much, like ever. Maybe if you add up all of my graduate level papers. Maybe…

The book is sitting at about 45,000 words, but by no means is it going to end there. It might actually grow some more, making the tale even more exciting and fulfilling! Most young adult fiction – adventure books run around 50,000 words, or about 160 pages. So it\’s getting there!

Until then, you can sign up for the series\’ newsletter and you\’ll get first dibs on knowing what\’s going on, and potentially \”leaked\” paragraphs or pages of the book for you to dive into. Who knows what will all go in it! So sign up today!

Until next time, readers!